A long-term investor focused on agriculture and forestry

Are you running a start-up with a scaleable and verified business model? Or are you an investor that, like us, sees how agtech and similar business areas in the agriculture and forestry sector, are bubbling with investment opportunity?

At LRF Ventures, you’ll find a long term investment partner with its feet firmly down to earth, with an in-depth knowledge of Sweden’s agri and forestry branches and long-term experience in investments and start-up businesses. With our large branch network and complete commitment, we can act as a catalyst to help businesses scale-up. LRF Ventures provides capital, relevant expertise and a network for start-ups. Our ambition is to always invest together with other partners to ensure the best and widest mix of skills are gathered to create the best possible conditions for companies to succeed.

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We’re looking for start-ups that

  • Are in the early growth phase and have an innovative, verified and scaleable business model
  • Have a strong and committed team of entrepreneurs
  • Operate in Sweden as their early market and see a global potential

We’re looking for investment partners that

  • Understand and like to work actively with investments in the early phase
  • Are interested in developing companies and can inject capital and competence throughout the journey
  • See the importance of agtech for the development of a sustainable society

About us

LRF Ventures is run by LRF, the Federation of Swedish Farmers, an interest and business organisation within the agri and forestry sector in Sweden. We’re convinced that creative start-ups that dare to think differently with smart, innovative and sustainable solutions will play a critical role in creating growth and profitability within the Swedish agriculture sector. We see that a thriving agricultural system is the basis for developing a sustainable society.